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Conversation with Miniature Artist Pushkar

miniature framed portrait of a pregnant couple by artist pushkar for koonchi

7x12 inches miniature on acrylic panel by artist Pushkar

Even though Miniature painting is called painting in little, there is not one reason to believe that it expresses little. Miniature painting is like celebration on a small scale. It is a medium to celebrate humans, the marks people leave on the world and remember their accomplishments. It is to treasure the local, the eccentric, the ordinary, whatever is made with love and care. Our artist, Pushkar who found his destiny with Miniature painting has a story which we are honored to share.

Every good artist knows that without inspiration, art is impossible. Whether that inspiration be a charming painting in a museum or a provocative dream, inspiration is what gets you going. Our artist Pushkar is no different. From grabbing inspiration from newspapers as a child to growing to be inspired by distinguished artists like Van Gogh or B.G. Sharma and Reva Shankar Sharma who were the influencers for miniature in Udaipur, he has developed his art as well. Artist Pushkar received his formal art education from Sukhadia University in Udaipur where he did his MA in Drawing and Painting. He is very proficient in miniature painting. On some research, it would be evident that miniature involves minimal imagination and so most of the artists in this field copy the older artwork but the real challenge is to create portraits in miniature which our artist is well versed with. We are absolutely in love with his miniature work.

To be specific to his technique, he works with watercolors, acrylics, oil painting and poster colors mostly. For miniature painting, which is our focus, he uses stone colors and Indian Natural Colors. The squirrel haired brush which is curved from the front is his preferred tool for miniature paintings. Being the expert that he is, he says that miniature painting involves craftsmanship and local artistry. His favorite subjects include Radha-Krishna or the legendary story of Krishna. He also likes paintings that involve precise work like realist subjects. In some of his miniature paintings, we can see a splitting image of Mughal or Mewar influence. For his commercial paintings, he opts to cool the colors but when painting for himself, he goes all out with vibrant shades, predominantly the primary colors.

Rewind time! Back in the day when artists were an integral part of a king’s court, time was never a dilemma when it came to finishing the painting. Whether it took several days, a couple months or even a year, the king patiently waited, appreciated and paid a wealthy sum to the artist. Now back to the current era, for starters, kings are extinct! Also, patience is nowhere to be found and the market is unpredictable. If an artist thinks of making a Mughal painting now and estimates around 4 months to complete it, there is no way to know if it would be sold and the level of precision drops in the hurry to finish it. Artist Pushkar says that this is the main barricade when it comes to art. But as Vincent Van Gogh once said, “One must work and dare if one really wants to live”, Pushkar is at it and killing the game ever since.

Pushkar’s hobbies are writing short stories which were published on radio channels and he also went on recitals which just reinforces the fact that art is not limited to a paintbrush and a canvas. One of our favorite questions to ask an artist is where they see themselves in the next 10 years and all of them have an answer along similar lines. Recognition. Pushkar dreams that people recognize his work just by looking at the signature below it. According to him, media plays a huge role in making an artist famous. An artist is absorbed in his painting and absolutely engrossed in creating but people who have the eye to notice him, play an important role in giving him opportunities and changing his life. 

It is said that great things are done by a series of small things brought together. Miniature paintings are small but they surely are able to make the comfortable disturbed and the disturbed comfortable.


Interview by Varun Maliwal, composed by Manasi Telang


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