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Gift a Painting, Gift a Memory

Art is a gift to mankind
A mode of expression, it was assigned.

Art is what captures the memorable day
Blue, red, yellow, pink and grey.

Every color is precious and unique
Meant draw the lines, straight, curved and oblique.

What makes it such an honor to possess, you ask?
That is not an answer easy to mask.

There is elegance and beauty, oh yes.
But it has a strange sense of fierceness, more or less.

Paintings come in all kinds, the giant and the small scaled,
To amaze the spectator, it has not once failed.

Recognized artists from all over the sphere,
To art students trying to acquire the knowledge in their first year.

Gadgets and fabrics, cannot be used for a long time, it’s a long list
As paintings pave the way as the most timeless gift

They say “ a painting is a poem without words”
Everything from funny faces to singing birds

Gifting someone a painting is like giving them the key to a treasure
It is worth so much, probably beyond measure

A painting of a man and wife,
A constant reminder of their beautiful married life.

The painting that was a gift from the daughter,
Something as simple as them playing in the park,
brought a smile on the face of the father

A way of preserving all those lovely memories
For days, years, decades and centuries.

The buddy bunch talking and laughing
The painting of which holds more value than photographing

That life changing excursion,
Every single cloud and flower drawn on so intricately,
Precision like that of a surgeon.

A recollection of the time spent with loved ones,
A present perfect for anyone, grandmas, aunts, sisters and sons.

Changing a picture to a painting by the artist’s creativity
Enough to rewind time and be present among that festivity

A handcrafted masterpiece to remember the past
But through paints on a canvas, one of the best way to make a memory last

Painting is dancing with chaos, another way of keeping a diary,
A product with no expiry.

A painting is the perfect gift to remember someone by
Always having them with you in color or black and white, it’s never a goodbye.



Convert your memories into 100% hand-painted paintings.



By Manasi Telang



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