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Realism with Artist Radheshyam

Realism is everything to do with precision, accuracy and details. It is highly photographic and could be anything from an everyday object to a highly expressive person. An artist painting realistic must know their way around details of things. Our very own Koonchi verified artist Radheshyam, from Udaipur is a fine and experienced artist who has been working since 27 years in the vast universe of art.

Artist Radheshyam told us how he has been interested in art since he was a child. Every kind of art needs the correct guidance and support and his father was the one in his life who realized his talent and encouraged him to pursue art. Artist Radheshyam started learning painting and its different techniques from his father’s friend who is an artist too. He has completed his education till 12th grade before dedicating his entire time and energy to art. He spent about 10 years learning painting and after that, he started to paint for commercial purposes for around 17 years now. He started out with traditional miniature art on silk, paper, synthetic plate and sun mica and has come a long way since. He paints various subjects.

Mostly realistic paintings and figures but he has a knack for painting expressions. His paintings are very articulated and the strokes are well planned and executed. He considers his equal attention to shade and light a unique thing about his style which is truly evident in his paintings. They are extremely graceful yet moving. He knows a range of techniques: water, oil and pencil on paper, his favourite being oil on canvas.

Even without being from an artistic background, he has so much artistic insight and ideas. He told us about the idols that get destroyed and how he and his teacher recreated them on paper, drawing them as how they would be if they weren’t broken. Art isn’t what you just see and draw. Art is drawing what’s absent as well. The one with the ability to do so is truly an artist or has really great imagination and painting skills, which is again, an artist? The figures Artist Radheshyam painted were the ones he started his market orders with. These paintings look like the figures or idols itself but that is the art of deception and the deception of art.

His commercial work for Koonchi utilizes a palette of blacks and whites to subtle colors depending on the painting and your preference. He has used amazing products like Windsor and Newton for the canvas, brushes and paints. For pencil, he likes to use Staedtler and Saunders Waterford papers.

Every realistic painting represents a choice as to which features of reality should be given prominence, no painting ever captures the whole, that is the beauty of having a choice in painting whereas as in a photograph, you cannot do that. Painters admire the realistic depiction of objects and lack appreciation for the original state of the subject but Artist Radheshyam is fully aware of the elegance of the subject, without which, he wouldn’t be as good as he in his field. He always draws a crowd. We sincerely hope the artist’s skills are compensating for our very bad puns.

On a serious note, Artist Radheshyam gave us an insight into his struggles as an artist and told us that the biggest challenge in the field is to gain recognition. Financially sound artists move out of Udaipur into bigger cities for commercial work but someone who has not found their footing doesn’t get as much recognition as they should, which is unfair.

In 10 years, he desires to conduct various exhibitions to showcase and express his style.

Art is realistic when it strives to express an ethical ideal. Realism is striving for the truth and the truth is always beautiful. Here the aesthetic coincides with the ethical. Even after painting realistic, one can expect magic.


Interview by Varun Maliwal, composed by Manasi Telang

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