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About Us

At Koonchi, we want to make it easier for artists to accept commission work. We believe artists should be able to freely express their creativity and demonstrate their unique style of painting, when converting uploaded pictures to hand-painted Artworks. We evaluate, hand-pick and collaborate with various artists across India, to bring in quality work to our customers, and provide an opportunity for artists to be exposed on a global platform.

“Koonchi" in hindi langauge means “a brush". This beautifully befitting name was carved from many memories of a playful childhood. A seamless amalgamation of art and technology was something the founders are keen to marry. The platform was curiously designed to indulge and yet not overwhelm the patron. 

The Genesis was realized by Varun Maliwal & Prachi Mantri while sipping coffee and discussing the works of Raja Ravi Verma in the historical city of Udaipur. The duo has been collaborating with various Artists for past projects over a few years. Amongst varied encounters a strong need was felt for an economical, simplified and engaging avenue to accept commission work by artists and patrons alike. 

Most artists in India struggle to make the ends meet, or give up on their passion to support their family. The foundation of the platform was built keeping in mind the artist community's choice of engaging sparingly with technology, the discrepancies in shipping, packaging and various logistical difficulties of the process. It is their sincere effort to help these artists grow by tending to the gaps.  

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