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Miniature portrait painting of a black pregnant woman and a black man kissing the stomach of woman by artist Pushkar
The Miniature Admiration
The Miniature Admiration
The Miniature Admiration

The Miniature Admiration

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Starting at Rs. 10,400.00
Denotes 1 subject to paint in size 6in x 8in.


  • Artist Pushkar will use the original Rajasthani technique of converting your photo to a miniature painting
  • True to the art form, he uses vegetable and stone colors along with squirrel hair brush to paint miniatures on acrylic panels.
  • Only ivory color panels are available
  • The artist recommends 7in x 12in panels for a 2 subject portrait

Materials Used

  • Locally available Acrylic Panels
  • Vegetable and Stone Colors
  • Locally available Squirrel Hair Brush


Artist Pushkar, born and brought up here in Rajasthan, has been exposed and attracted to Miniature Art since his childhood. Some use newspaper to stay updated with latest headlines, but Pushkar used it as a reference to draw as a kid. He has a graduate degree in Drawing & Painting, and his paintings are inspired by artists like Van Gogh, D.G. Sharma, Reva Shankar Sharma. He strongly believes in experimenting with his commercial work.
Pushkar is a Koonchi Verified artist.

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The Miniature Admiration
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